Many people said that Dale was an also-ran. Had we a look at this years stats I don't think that he would have been dismissed in that fashion. This may sound like I have mixed emotions where Dale is concerned. I DON'T! I wasn't a Dale Jarrett fan before last year. I however have a deep fondness for Robert Yates Racing, so I will cheer any driver in a Yates car. Checkout my Davey Allison page for more details on my feelings for the Yates Team. Dale was given equipment that suits his driving style and comfort level, and that has made him a winner in every way. I feel we are currently seeing just how good a driver he really is. Dale has won half of his career races in the 1996 season with Robert Yates equipment.
Dale Jarrett is on the warpath. He storms into Daytona for Ford testing and blisters the track with laps in the 187 MPH range. I can see this as being the year for this team to prove that 1996 was just a start and not a flash in the pan. Ernie is also in the hunt for the Winston Cup with speeds in the 186 1/2 MPH range.
After a bad Daytona for Dale he has tried to make every lap count for what was lost. In races 2 thru 5 Dale has led 65% of all laps run in 5 events. A stat that becomes even more impressive after you have been told that he didn't lead at Daytona at all.
Well Dale keeps the consistency needed to win the Winston Cup. He pan at the front and finished fourth at Bristol. With consistent runs like we have seen so far this season it will be tough for anyone to overrun Dale for the points lead. Ernie has not had the best of seasons so far. I hope that Ernie starts having luck like Dale has to this point.
Dale had a bad day a Talladega after engine trouble at the outset of the race Dale limped home to a 35th place finish
Jarrett, who currently leads the NASCAR Winston Cup Series points has been in the top-10 in the point standings since the beginning of 1996 except for the first week of 1997 following a 23rd place finish in the Daytona 500. Jarrett, best overall performances are on tracks 1-mile or more in length, earning 819 of his 1,269 points on the big tracks and leading 789 (51 percent) of the 1,548 possible laps on super speedways this season